At Customized Learning Solutions, we believe that every student has the potential to learn and succeed.  The key to this potential is understanding their unique learning profile. Our approach is two-fold:  building and exercising weaker skills while simultaneously designing and practicing strategies that harness individual strengths and interests.

While you’re here, learn about the services we provide, but also check out our blog. We like to post about strategies we use, tech we like, and general information about learning disabilities, ADHD, and executive functioning.

“Shayla Whiteley is superb not only at identifying problems related to executive functioning in children and adolescents but also in recruiting the client and family into taking an active role in choosing among interventions that are pragmatic, appropriate, and sustainable.”   – Dr. Glen Elliott, Chief Psychiatrist and Medical Director, Children’s Health Council

Dr. Glen Elliott

“You have such a way of motivating Zach. We have no doubts that you will get him through this year and beyond. You can move with him to college, right?”
– John, Parent of a High School Senior