Welcome to the Customized Learning Solutions blog!

We have a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area centered along the Peninsula. We love seeing students one-on-one, working with individual families, and providing education to parents and schools.

Our practice is busy — which is a great thing! The hard part is that it means we can’t help every family that reaches out to us. And turning away families in need is by far the hardest part of our job.

This blog is an attempt to still help those that we are unable to work with directly. Shayla is often writing emails to families about the best way to implement a break routine, or how to help their student navigate a school homework portal. She thought, if I’m writing these things down anyway, maybe they can help other people too.

So, this blog will hold answers to the questions we get asked the most, strategies we use all the time, links to resources that we frequently recommend, and other musings on the world of learning disabilities, ADHD, and education. Thanks for visiting!

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