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Technology for Executive Functioning: A Series

EdRev (Education Revolution) is an annual event held at AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA. As they describe it, “EdRev is a unique day of information, resources, celebration and community for students who learn differently and the families and professionals who support them.” It is put on by the Parent Education Network (PEN) and Understood and it truly is a remarkable event.

Throughout the years, I have attended as a teacher, an exhibitor, and a speaker. This year, however, I’ll be taking on a new role. Customized Learning Solutions was asked to sponsor and host one of the stations in the Technology for Learning section. I’ll be manning the “Tech for Attention and Executive Functions” booth, highlighting some of the ways AT can help EF.

The Assistive Technology section is run by Shelley Haven, ATP, RET of Tech Potential and she is my AT guru. She came up with 5 questions that she typically receives when working with executive functioning challenges. The booth at EdRev will be demonstrating tech to answer them. CLS will be also be doing a 5-part blog series to answer each of the questions for those of you unable to attend EdRev this year.

  • Can tech help me regulate attention in class?
  • Can tech help me avoid computer distractions?
  • Can tech help me get started and stay productive?
  • Can tech help me organize ideas and information?
  • How is a task planner different from a calendar?

Stay tuned for answers!

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